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34-6025 34-6024 Skull Mirrors
feature offset
VT No. Stem
34-6025 Worm
34-6024 Wing

Round Skull Mirror Set is 3⁹⁄₁₆” diameter features bone stem,
pair. Set includes right and left.
VT No. 34-0367
34-6022 34-1565 34-1564 34-0759

Skull Billet Mirror fits right or left side complete with stem.
VT No. Skull Stem
34-6022 5 Worm
34-1565 3 Wing
34-1564 3 Worm
Skull Teardrop Mirror Set include stems. Includes left and
VT No. 34-0759

34-0782 34-0783 34-0784
Skeleton Hand Mirror Set with bone shaped stems.
VT No. Type Chrome Billet Pork Chop Mirror set with 3-skull tribal billet
34-0782 Chrome stems. Set includes left and right sides.
34-0783 Gold Inlay VT No. 34-1230
34-0784 Black
Chrome Skull Mirror Set
34-1274 with bone stem includes right
and left sides. Additional
hardware is included for
installation on metric bikes.
Stem is 4” long and is adjust-
able. Features black eyes.
VT No. 34-1274
Gothic 3 Skull Mirrors with billet stems, sold as pairs, fit right
and left.
Universal Skull Red LED Set is VT No. 34-0760
a 4 wire type for use as a brake Pewter Skull Medallion Set
light or marker lamp. These can with an adhesive back. Mea- MULTI FIT/CHOPPER
be installed in any flat panel such sures 1.5" x 2.5".
as saddlebags, tour paks or fender VT No. 48-0493
surface. Features threaded back
with aluminum panel mounting nut.
Requires a 2-1/8” hole for mount-
33-0074 ing. Sold in pairs. Decorative Skull Ornament
VT No.33-0074 features a chrome finish and
LED Skull Tail Lamp. mounts to any flat or curved
VT No. 33-1475 surface.
VT No. 48-0250

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