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Deep Saddlebags
• Injection molded for smooth inside and outside surfaces.
• Full set includes left and right sides, lids and bottoms.
• Bottoms have indents for muffler body on the under side
with a slight curve down towards the rear.
VT No. Item Fits 49-1135
49-3505 Full Set, Tops & Bottoms FLT 1993-2013
49-2667 Bottom Set FLT 1993-2013
49-0723 Liner Kit For Bags FLT 1993-2013 49-1135

Stretched Saddlebag Bottom Set
• Includes right and left side with black unfinished surface.
• This saddlebag set is a perfect fit with all mounting holes that
match stock locations, may re-use stock hardware for a true
bolt-on experience. All mount holes are pre-drilled in stock
49-3500 location and pre-fit for the ease of installation.
• The bottoms are 2” deeper in the front than stock and 3”
deeper in the rear, which gives these the stretched look.
• Designed for models with dual exhaust.
• Complete hinge, latch, and hardware kit is available sepa-
rately for Road King riders looking to keep stock bags com-
plete or for converting from leather covered bags. Order lids


Black Replica Saddlebags
• Plastic with a natural finish, ready for primer paint.
• Saddlebags are manufactured of FRP, fiberglass reinforced
VT No. Item Fits
49-3500 Full Set, Tops & Bottoms FLT 1993-2013
49-2712 Right Bottom FLT 1993-2013
49-2713 Left Bottom FLT 1993-2013
49-0535 Right & Left Bottom Set FLT 1985-1992 VT No. Item Fits
49-2714 Right Bottom FLT 1985-1992 49-1135 Black Stretched Bottoms FLT 2014-up
49-2715 Left Bottom FLT 1985-1992
Note: For all Saddlebag Pieces and Tour Boxes made of Fiberglass
Reinforced Black Plastic, parts must be primed with paint then final
paint. The Raw FRP is not considered the finish.
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