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Complete Stock Stroke Flywheel Assembly is shipped
assembled and trued with shafts. VT No. 10-1091 requires the
use of 1987-up type Pinion Shaft Bearing assembly and VT No. 4⁵⁄₈” Stroke S&S Flywheel Assembly fits 1984-99 Big
12-0967 late bearing retainer. Twin. Features heavy duty rods, pinion and sprocket shaft.
VT No. OEM Fits Note Brand Assembled by S&S. Ready to install. Can be used with our
For Big Twin 80” 11-0064 3 ⁵⁄₈” Evolution S&S cylinder kit for 96 cubic inch or
10-1091 23906-78G 1984-90 80” 3,4 VT with 89” piston kits and stock type cylinders which yields 89
10-1042** 23906-93B 1993-99 Evolution 3, 4 VT cubic inches. 1990-99 requires 10-2560 pinion conversion
10-0374 — 2007-17 FXD 5 S&S package for carburetor models only.
2007-16 FLT VT No. 10-0063
1-Special 80” flywheel assembly used for alternator-generator case sets S&S 89” Evolution Stroker
only. Feature late type sprocket shaft and early style pinion shaft. Replacement Piston Sets for 4⁵⁄₈” fly-
2-Features replaceable pinion and sprocket shafts. wheels. 9.25:1 compression with rings.
3-Features replaceable pinion and sprocket shafts and narrow sprocket VT No. Size
side flywheel 11-0479 .030
4 Require use of 1987-up type pinon shaft bearing and retaining ring.
5-One piece type flywheel with non-removable shafts.
Stroker Flywheel for Twin Cam

Stroker Flywheel Assemblies
are 4³⁄₈” stroke when combined
with Big Bore Cylinders. Fits
2006 FXD.
10-1522 Bore Cubic Inch
3⁷⁄₈ 103”
4.00 110”
4.06 113”
VT No.

Timken Bearing Sleeve will convert 2003-17 S&S Flywheel Hot Setup includes 4⁵⁄₈” assembled flywheels,
Twin Cam models from a roller bearing to a 561 cam, spring kit, pushrods and Super E carburetor kit. Yields
Timken tapered bearing. Bearing sold sepa- 89 cubic inches with 9.25:1 compression ratio. Order piston set
rately. separately. Fits 1993-98 89” Evo.
VT No. 10-0856 VT No. 11-1505
S&S Twin Cam 4¹⁄₂” Stroker
Flywheel Assembly for all 1999-02
Twin Cam models. Feature 1.500
crank pin and replaceable race bear-
ing. Fits all models with non-balancer
Twin Cam engines. Pistons not includ-
ed. VT No. 10-1094

Important Note: Some items on this page may be emission-related parts subject to California or other emission control laws. Please see
note on Emission Page for important information regarding emission control regulatory compliance and warranty information.

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