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Rod Assembly

V-Twin Replica Stock
Replacement Rod Sets include BIG TWIN
new rods, crank pin, nuts, cages and
10-1607 standard rollers fitted and assembled.
Piston pin bushings are installed.
Replaces 24281-83. Fits 1984-99
Evolution 1340cc.
VT No. 10-0188

L1981-86 Big Twin 2-Hole
Crank Pin Kit includes 2-hole
crank pin, rod races, standard rod
rollers, and retainers.
10-2571 VT No. 10-2571

Connecting Rod Set includes
10-1607 crank pin, two solid caps, and bear- Sifton Steel Rod Cage Set
ings. The upper bushing is installed.
Wrist pin bushings installed fits for includes 4 cages, 24366-51 and
twin cam Big Twin models. Set is standard Torrington Roller Set
crafted with high precision. Fits for 1936-98 Big Twin. Replaces
1999-17. 42385-40.
VT No. 10-1607 VT No. 10-2522
Rod Bearing Sets With Set
of 3 Cages for Big Twins fitted
10-1205 with standard size Torrington
rollers for connecting rods. The
Rod Set and Crank Pin Kit for replacements in 1999-up mod- cage material is noted.
els. Rods include wrist pin bushings. VT No. OEM Cage Year Brand
VT No. Item
10-1205 Bearing Set 12-2556 24366-51 Steel 1936-86 S&S
10-1607 Rod Set 10-8755 10-2556 24346-87A Steel 1987-99 Sifton
10-8755 Crank Pin, STD Connecting Rod Race Sets made from 52100
10-8756 Crank Pin, .001 steel use and hardened. Fits 1936-99 Big Twin.
10-8757 Crank Pin, .002 VT No. Brand Size
10-0921 Pin Plugs 10-0138 Replica STD
10-2586 Bronze Shim Set 10-0828 Replica .001 O/S
*Note: Press required for installation
Sifton Big Twin Rod Complete 10-0826 Replica .002 O/S
Assembly features forged and 10-0830 Replica .005 O/S
machined H-Beam design of certified 10-0829 Replica .010 O/S
“H-Beam” 4340 steel with multi staged heat treat- 10-0823 Replica .002 O/S
ment and are fitted with Torrington 10-0809 Jims STD
rollers with extruded alloy cages and
a Sifton pin and matching nuts. Crank Pin
Unfinished type requires honing of upper
and lower bushings. Rods are 7.440” Big Twin Crank Pin Nut Sets.
center to center and will accommodate Eastern Jims OEM Year
up to 5” stroke. 12-0559 12-0606 23969-83 L1983-99
VT No. Year Item
10-0272 1981-99 Assembly
10-0274 Unfinished Rods Only
S&S Genuine Rods are heavy
duty replacement rod sets which 80” Crank Pins available from Jims, Eastern, and V-Twin. Pins
include wrist pin bushings, rod races, are made of 8620 steel with .062 heat treated penetration. O.S.
matched rods, pins, rollers, cages Pins are oversize on bearing diameter. 180° oil location pins
and nuts for stock or stroker use. Fits have more complete bearing lubrication.
1984-99 Big Twin Evolution. Years OEM Jims Eastern V-Twin
VT No. 10-0268* 3 Hole 3-Hole 2-Hole
*Note: Have 16 bearing steel cages. L1981-99 23961-80A 10-8357 10-0130 10-1211
10-0268 L1981-99 .001 O/S 10-0353 — —
L1981-99 .002 O/S 10-8358 — —
L1981-99 180° Oiling 10-0354 — —
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