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V-Twin Mfg. Knucklehead Engine

V-Twin first introduced the complete
Knucklehead Engine in 2002.
40-0197 100% V-Twin! This completed our line
Steel up of Replica Engines, with the first
Oil Lines Installed
being the Panhead in 1998, followed by
the Shovelhead in 1999!


Manifold Kit. Order nut/seal kit
and 35-0064 manifold for 61”
engines with Big Port Heads.
VT No. Item
Knucklehead 87” Alternator-Generator Long Block features 35-0863 Nut/Seal Kit
alternator left hand case and generator right hand case. Each 35-0064 35-0064 Manifold
long block is assembled with S&S crankcases, Sifton oil pump,
S&S 4⁵⁄₈” flywheels, Timken main bearing, Sifton Knucklehead 9627-19 Upper and Lower for 1936-69
lighting cam, matched pinion gear, Torrington cam needle Big Twin.
bearing and Torrington main pinion bearing. Cylinders are VT No. Year Finish
Motor Shop Ready Brand pre-fitted with forged 8.25:1 pistons. 8164-19 1936-69 Chrome
Cylinder heads are Motor Shop Ready brand fitted with Sifton 8165-19 1936-69 Cadmium
valves, springs and collars. Heads feature stock intake and 9627-19 1936-69 Parkerized
exhaust ports. Each 87” long block is assembled with a natural
finish cam cover, natural finish lifter block, automatic advance 31-0107
distributor and solid lifters. Each long block is pre-run and
tested for proper oil pump pressure. Sprocket shaft is correct 31-0106 31-9006
length for 1970-up 4 or 5 speed transmission assembly. Stock Knucklehead Engine Mount fits 61 and 71 Overhead
VT No. Item Oiler Big Twins.
10-1985 Engine VT No. Years Finish
31-0735* Top Mount 31-0106 1938-47 Chrome
*Note: Allows installation of Knucklehead engine in Evolution 31-0107 1938-47 Black Oxide
frames. Raw finish 31-9006 1936-37 Black Oxide
35-0043 35-0113 2649-9 Bolts Parkerized

Replica Linkert Manifold includes nuts, seals, gaskets & bolts.
VT No. Item
35-0043 Manifold 31-0735 Top Mount allows the installation of
35-0113 Adapter to Bendix Knucklehead Engine in Evolution frame, raw finish
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