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Motor Shop Cylinder Finishing

Power Stroke Hone Shop Services Procedure:
• Call for Return Goods Authorization (RGA)#
• Obtain RGA # and return to
Motor Shop Procedure
9 Scobie Drive
Newburgh, New York 12550
• Finished work order will be returned by UPS
Cylinder Boring Service. The V-Twin Motor Shop will bore
and hone customers cylinder and fit to next oversize required
pistons. Boring will done on a Kwik-way Boring Bar and honing
will be done on a vertical Winona Van Norman Powerstroke
Hone for a precision fit. Choose any brand of piston from our
Kwik-way Boring Bar catalog section and note VT Part Number on Work Order/
Authorization Form. Work will be performed on sets of cylinders
only. Pack cylinders with care as we are not responsible for
broken fins in shipping.
VT No. 60-0167

Motor Shop Ready
Long Block or Short Motor Shop Services Cylinder Sleeving. Send in your worn
Remanufacturing Service. out original cylinder and Motor Shop Services will bore and
Ship in your assembled long fit new LA sleeves liner. Cylinder will then be finished honed
block or short block and we to V-Twin standard piston size. Work Order Authorization
will disassemble and glass Number required before sending in. Pack carefully as we are
bead base, remanufacture fly- not responsible for broken fins. Service is done per cylinder.
wheels, inspect oil pump and Sleeves are also available separately.
reassemble with new bear- Service VT No Bore Application
ings, washers, races and inter- Sleeve Only
nal hardware. Early lower ends (1936-69) will be fitted with new 60-0124 11-1175 2.745 45” Side Valve
case races and line honed for proper fit. Long block remanufac- 60-0124 11-1176 3.312 61” Knucklehead
turing service will include short block service plus the addition 60-0124 11-1177 3.422 80” Side Valve
of a cylinder boring, new piston, valve job and assembly with 60-0124 11-1178 3.437 74” Overhead Valve
new hardware. Call shop service for RA# prior to return. 60-0124 11-1179 88.8 mm 80” Overhead Valve
Short Block Long Block Year 60-0124 11-1180 3.00 900 cc Sportster
Remanufacturing Remanufacturing 60-0124 11-1181 3.188 1000 cc Sportster
60-0176 60-0178 1936-57
60-0177 60-0179 1958-99

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