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We will install new shafts, crank pin, rollers, cages and wrist pin bushings Flywheel Rebuilding
for years listed. Ship your rebuildable matched right and left Flywheels with
connecting rods and we will return the Flywheel C.O.D. and notify you if any
extra charges are incurred during the rebuilding. Tedd Cycle, Inc. original
service since 1969 with a turn around time of 15 working days.
V-Twin Motor Shop Twin Cam Flywheel Remanufacturing Services
Flywheel that are out of round or scissored can be repaired. The new
flywheels on the 1999-up Big Twin are pressed together, but no match
for our V-Twin Motor Shop. We will press apart and disassemble this
style wheel assembly, inspect shafts, and crank pin components. V-Twin
Motor Shop will rebuild your Twin Cam flywheel assembly to OEM spec-
ification using new bearings, crank pin and solid plugs, then balance and
true. We can also weld the pin and plugs, if requested, at the flywheel
and crank pin interface, for rigid power. We stock the bearings, cages Motor Shop Flywheel
and oversize crank pins to provide you with the components at hand Rebuilding Service. We will
when your flywheel arrives. We will hone the rods to allow the oversize install new shafts, crank pin, roll-
pin to be fitted as required. Flywheel set will be trued and balanced. The ers, cages and wrist pin bushings
final assembly and press is complete in our dedicated TC-88 flywheel
fixture assembly. for years listed. Service includes
flywheel truing. Dynamic bal-
We install new hardened crank pin and bearing set into the rebuildable ancing is also available for any
rods. If required, new connecting rods can be installed with customer’s flywheel remanufacturing service
authorization. We balance the wheels for the new parts and stock piston for an smoother running engine.
weight. We press the flywheel halved back together and true the bearing
journals to .001” or less. Truing the bearing journal eliminates engine
vibration at cruise speeds.

V-Twin Motor Shop can also install solid crank pin expansion plugs VT No. Item
and then tig weld the pin and plugs so flywheels won’t flex or scissor. 10-0115 1929-73 45”
This extra step can help prevent future problems. The rebuilt flywheel is 10-1110 1930-36 VL
stronger than stock OEM. 10-0114 1936-48 74” and 80” Side Valve
10-0122 1970-72 Shovelhead
For a smoother running engine, high speed balancing is done on a 10-0123 1973-84 Shovelhead
Sunnen Dynamic Balancer. This service will require customer’s piston or
purchase of new piston kits from V-Twin. 10-1104 1987-89 Evolution, 1340, 1985-86 Shovelhead
10-1102 1990-99 Evolution, 1340, 1985-86 Shovelhead
We also offer several other machine shop services. V-Twin Motor Shop 10-0124 1957-76 XL, XLH
can also weld and repair all types of metal and aluminum parts like 10-1100 1977-80 XL
crank cases, cylinders and heads. 10-1101 1981-86 XL
10-1103 1987-99 XL
Our newly developed TC-88 Flywheel program allow Twin Cam model 10-1120 2000-up XL
flywheels professionally rebuilt in V-Twin Motor Shop. 10-1111 1936-39 Knucklehead 61”
To Request a work order RA number, or for any questions call: 10-0116 1940-47 Knucklehead 61”
1-800-833-8946 ext. 6 10-1109 1941-47 Knucklehead 74”
VT No. Service 10-0117 1948-53 Panhead 74”
60-0249 Twin Cam Remanufacturing Service 10-0118 1954-55 Panhead 74”
60-0248 TC Remanufacturing with New Connecting Rod Set 10-0119 1956-57 Panhead 74”
60-0247 Crank Pin/Plug Welding Service 10-0120 1958-64 Panhead 74”
60-0123 High Speed Balancing with a flywheel remanufacturing service 10-0121 1965-69 Pan and Early Shovelhead
60-0123* Dynamic Balancing for the Above
10-1607 *Note: Requires purchase of a V-Twin Piston Kit

Connecting Rod Set includes
crank pin, two solid caps, and
bearings. The upper bushing
is installed. Wrist pin bushings
installed fits for twin cam Big Twin Flywheel Assembly Installation.
models. Set is crafted with high
precision. This service includes pressing flywheel shaft into left side bear- TOOLS
VT No. 10-1607 ing and setting up required crankshaft end play. Parts extra as
VT No. 60-0173

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