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Case Boring

Precision Case Boring Service.
• V-Twin Motor Shop will use a vertical
mill to enlarge the cylinder hole or head
chamber to accept Big Bore Spigot bar-
• Ship cases to V-Twin with a turn
around time of 15 days.
VT No. Type
60-0165 Case
60-0171 Heads

Generator Rebuilding Brake Drum Sprocket Replacement Service
for 1930-72 Big Twins, 1952-78 Sportster and
Service 1935-52 45” Solo models. Send in your old brake
drum and we will install new sprocket, splash or
dust ring correctly with hot riveting as original.
All drums inspected for suitability and customer
notified if not serviceable. Work order number
required before sending in. Contact Motor Shop
Service Department prior to shipping your drum in.
VT No. 60-0259
VT No. VT No. VT No. Carb
60-0195 M88,
Motor Shop Services. We now offer generator rebuilding ser- 60-0188 60-0148 M51L, M41, M51
vice for original H-D generators. Send us your old, tired, worn and M74
out generator and we will completely rebuild with new field 60-0345 M88,
coils, armature, brushes, seals, gear and corresponding regula- M51L, M41, M51
tor. All units are tested for correct output. Specify regulator type and M74
desires. Linkert
VT No. Item M74
60-0200 12 Volt 2 Brush for 1965-up Generator
60-0202 6 Volt 2 Brush for 1958-64 Generator
60-0203 6 Volt 3 Brush for 1930-57 Generator
60-0204 Convert 3 Brush 6 Volt to 2 Brush 12 Volt Linkert Rebuild Service. Parts billed separately as required.
60-0205 6 Volt 2 Brush for Cooled Generator 1958-64
Alternator Sealing Ring Service

Alternator Repair Ring Only.
VT No. 16-0692
Big Twin Alternator
Rotor Puller uses the
sprocket shaft end to
center and the two
threaded holes in rotor to
allow removal of rotor.
VT No. 16-1054
Big Twin Alternator Rotor Puller uses
the two threaded holes in rotor to allow
removal of rotor.
VT No. 16-0693

Motor Shop Alternator Sealing Ring
Replacement Service. Ship in 1970-up left
hand case with damaged O-Ring lip and TOOLS
we will machine out and replace with new
steel sealing ring.
VT No. 60-0164
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