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Flywheel Balancing

Rod Weight 60-0169
Rod Weight Bob

Ring Piston Flywheel
and Pin Weight with Bob
Weight Weight



Dynamic Flywheel Balancing. We use the latest in Sunnen
Technology to balance flywheels and rods with appropriate
Machine VT No. Service
60-0169 True/Balance
60-0173 Case Installing 1958-up
60-0180 Case Installing 1936-57
Motor Shop Ready Oil is available in heavy duty, synthetic
blend and full synthetic weights.
Heavy Duty Oil is designed and licensed to meet API service
category SN specification. Meets SAE specifications and war-
ranty requirements for gasoline engines.
Synclean Synthetic Blend type extends engine life signifi-
41-0991 41-0992 41-0993 41-0994 41-0995 41-0996 cantly reduces engine wear, resists thermal breakdown and out
Motor Shop Oil. All are sold in case of six in quart size bottles. performs conventional oils in engine cleanliness, fuel economy
VT No. Type Weight
41-0991 SynGold 20w50w and protection between moving parts.
41-0992 Heavy Duty 60w SynGold Full Synthetic Oil is uniquely designed to help pro-
41-0993 Synthetic Gear Lube Transmission/Primary vide outstanding levels of fuel economy performance, cleaning
41-0994 Synthetic Clean 20w50w
41-0995 Heavy Duty 20w50w power and engine protection even during longer oil change
41-0996 Heavy Duty/Synthetic 50w intervals. SynGold is proven to significantly reduce wear and
Motor Shop Ready Transmission/Primary Formulated Lube is a synthetic viscosity breakdown because of its advancements in oil tech-
blend lube to provide excellent lubricity for the anti-wear requires of transmission nology.
gears and primary components. Adds protection between moving parts and out All are sold in case of six. Our quart bottles designed for easy
performs conventional oils. Use in all Big Twin transmissions and primary chain
case 1984-up Sportster transmission and primary case 1971-up. pouring and storage.
VT No. 41-0993
The V-Twin Motor Shop has the components in stock, at the Motor Shop,
No Excuses for Parts Availability!
We have the machines, machinists and components to facilitate your rebuild!
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